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game change







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ISBN: 9789187483332

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Game Change


Game Change, a Parade of Elephants, a Stubbornness of Rhinos and a Streak of Tigers examines the situation of three of the planet s most enigmatic and alluring land-living animals. It is an important book that tells the alarming story of how the long-term survival of these animals is in question. They are continually threatened by poachers, international criminal networks, unscrupulous businessmen, smugglers and habitat loss.


Swedish conservationist, ecologist, and photographer Ola Jennersten has traced trade and smuggling routes from the savannahs and rainforests of Asia and Africa to markets in Thailand, Burma, China and Vietnam. The book not only targets poaching and illegal trade, it also introduces us to dedicated researchers, brave conservationists, diligent civil servants and the communities who share their lives with these imposing and often difficult neighbours. We are taken to meet the rangers who with very little recompense put their lives on the line to protect these awesome creatures from ruthless poachers and armed gangs.


240 pages generously illustrated with photos provide the reader with up-to-date information about these species, the threats they face and the organizations working to preserve them for the delight and wonder of future generations.